Goodnight, Sarah​-​Jane

by Talis Kimberley

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Trialia I do love this one, & miss Lis still. Anyone who knows me will be aware I've informally covered the track on several occasions with different accompaniment (as I don't play guitar for various reasons). Someday I'll collar one of the guys long enough to do it properly! ;) Favorite track: Goodnight, Sarah-Jane.
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    Update 22/4/11:

    This song has exceeded its Bandcamp 'free downloads' capacity, and folk are now buying it... I shall put the proceeds to a cancer research charity, as I hadn't intended to make money from it this way. I hope that's the most reasonable option and acceptable to those concerned. Thank you.

    * * *

    It doesn't do her justice, but this is my tribute to the actor Lis Sladen. Along with many other people I was desparately saddened to hear of her death; her portrayal of Sarah-Jane Smith was an inspiration during two periods of my life... I'm so glad she got the second bite at the cherry with 'The Sarah-Jane Adventures'.

    * * *

    Since posting this, I've been humbled and floored by the number of people sharing this track, on FaceBook and elsewhere. Please DO link freely; I'm a songwriter, and a song like this is for sharing. I'm glad it seems to express what many of you feel.

    I'll probably debut this song live at my Brighton gig on 1st May... my main website has more information about me and my music if you are interested.

    Thank you for listening.
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(Recording details: me and the blond Ovation, in the studio, on the Tascam. For them as like to know these things.)



I shall take my daughter out tonight
The Moon’s past full but the sky’s still bright
And we’ll say: Goodnight, Sarah-Jane...
And I’ll talk about the women we’ve been
I was an awkward girl, you were a star on-screen
For me... Goodnight, Sarah-Jane.

And you wouldn’t stay quiet and hold your tongue
Nor stay where you were put
No token girl to be talked down to
Hanging round underfoot
And against all odds you came back, carrying
A series of your own
You inspired me when I was my daughter’s age...
And again, as a woman grown

I shall hope that time’s a gentle place
For a well-loved woman of charm and grace –
That’s you. Goodnight Sarah-Jane...
You were smart and strong and you made us proud
And I’m crying now, but I’ll say it aloud
Anyway – Goodnight Sarah-Jane...
Goodnight Sarah-Jane...

With a blue box missing a few spare parts
We’re carrying you, in all of our hearts now
Rest well. ... ...

So I shall take my daughter out tonight
Tell her of Cady Coleman’s flight
And you – and say, Goodnight Sarah-Jane –

We’ll both say: Goodnight Sarah-Jane

Goodnight, Sarah-Jane...


released April 20, 2011
Words & music by & © Talis Kimberley 20th April 2011



all rights reserved


Talis Kimberley UK

Green and political contemporary folk with a warm and whimsical heart... voice, guitar and bouzouki and rather a way with words.

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